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Data Engineer Manchester

We are looking to design, build and maintain data pipelines that enable the seamless flow of data from our systems into our centralised repository in Microsoft Azure. You would be working with mostly structured data, extracting information, transforming it to meet specific requirements, and loading it into a data warehouse.

Collaboration with our Data Analysts and Scientists will be key. You would be responsible for ensuring data quality, reliability, security, optimisation and automation for efficiency and scalability.

Our aim is to create a trusted single version of the truth by extracting data from each of our systems, ready for analysis and science.


  • Setup, configure, administer and troubleshoot Microsoft Azure for data analysis and science.
  • Responsible for efficiently and securely ingesting data into Microsoft Azure from a range of internal platforms.
  • Maintain documentation of data copying processes, storage configurations, and data organisation for reference and team knowledge.
  • Develop, implement and monitor automated ETL scripts in collaboration with the data team using Python.
  • Organise and structure data storage for easy accessibility and retrieval.
  • Work closely with data analysts and scientists to understand their data requirements and assist in preparing data for Microsoft Power BI analysis and machine learning tasks.
  • Collaborate on the development of data models and algorithms as needed.
  • Bring your ideas to the table and grow other people’s ideas to create solutions.
  • Join data events we host, to help attendees with accessing data in a secure manner, to help drive innovation by creating new solutions together.


  • Experience with Star Schemas to organise data.
  • Follow best practices for data security and GDPR.
  • Strong experience of web scraping methods, interacting with APIs, and relational databases
  • Working knowledge of Git and version control.
  • Familiarity with data visualisation tools like Microsoft Power BI (you would not be using Power BI, but being aware of how to collaborate with people that do is important).

Don’t tick every box?

We understand that the ‘perfect candidate’ doesn’t exist. If you can do most of what we’re looking for, don’t hesitate to apply – you might be just the right fit for this role.



Still interested?

If you are interested in applying for this role, please email your CV along with a covering letter detailing your experience or contact John Toon


Technology Strategy Lead

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