Stress-free and straight forward accountancy advice and services for businesses, their owners and people working in the not-for-profit sector.


Whether you are a multi-million-pound company or a ‘newbie’ adventuring out in business on your own for the first time as a sole trader, in partnership or as a limited liability company we can provide you with a whole range of services to support you at the beginning, and help you grow and progress.

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Over a century of support for those operating on behalf of others…

Not for profits have just as much of a need for accounting services as regular businesses. It can be a minefield for charities, and other not for profit organisations. However, we don’t believe that compliance and tax regulation should get in the way of an organisation doing real good in the world.

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We don’t really expect you to get excited about accountancy.  You can leave that to us.  But we do think being able to pass a lot of what you do over to our team will leave you with a bit of a spring in your step.  Whatever sector you work in…

So you work in not-for-profit? That’s a coincidence, so do we! And when we say that, it doesn’t mean we shuffle a few people sideways to handle your organisation. It means we have dedicated teams who specialise in this stuff – whether that’s social housing, charities or education. Half our work is in this world.

What’s more, because we’re working in this sector day in, day out, we see the challenges you’re up against. We understand the pressures. We really care about the work that you’re doing. So we really don’t mind having to put in the effort. Anything to make your life easier – and your organisation’s finances a bit simpler.

If you’re a corporate organisation or owner-managed business we’re here for you too. You see it doesn’t matter if you’re running a business on your own, or building a mighty empire from the ground up, we’re here to share the workload and keep you on the straight and narrow – even if sometimes it does all go a bit wrong!

Whatever questions or concerns crop up, don’t be afraid to ask. From sorting out your tax or audits, to helping you buy or sell a business – maybe even setting one up overseas. We’ve probably been there, seen that and bought the t-shirt. So will quickly be able to put you straight – and put your mind at rest.

Looking for some wealth management advice? We can help with that too – or if we can’t, we know someone who can. We’ve got the right people here to talk to about retirement or tax planning. Even inheritance tax, trusts and succession planning. That’s all well within our remit.

For more specialist support like wealth planning, investment management, corporate protection, or employee benefits, we leave that to our partners at Pareto. They’re an award-winning firm of Independent Financial Advisors. And pretty decent people too, which is why we work with them…