Employing staff and working overseas

Global mobility is the buzz phrase

The pandemic has changed the way we all work, and technology has made it possible for people to work from anywhere.

You may want to look at expanding your workforce in the UK by employing people from overseas, perhaps through a group company.

Or you might have someone in your business who you want to relocate overseas. Or they might want to relocate and you are looking for ways to keep them in your business.

This is the dream. The reality is that this makes a complicated tax and social security system even harder to fathom.

A globally mobile workforce is a fantastic opportunity, but also a scary concept for the company and the person.

With the support of our friends at HLB International we can help you achieve the dream.

For the Employer For the Employee

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For the Employer

Speak to us early in your considerations, and we can work with you to explore the best way to structure the remuneration package you provide.

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For the Employee

Speak to us early on in your considerations, with our friends at HLB International we can help you understand the employment tax position from the outset.

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