Audit and Assurance

We do it all.

Whether you need audit because the law requires it, or assurance because your stakeholders see the value of it, we do it all. Lots of it.

Audit is the foundation of confidence in corporate reporting, and even if you don’t have a choice about having a statutory audit, we know you have a choice about who does it.

Our robust and transparent audits are designed with you in mind, whether your business is a traditional family owned company, a fast growing entrepreneur led business, an international group, or a not-for-profit delivering vital services to society. We understand your business and make sure we focus on your specific risks, helping you deliver compliant and transparent information to all your stakeholders.

An audit isn’t the only form of assurance. Oh no. Your business needs effective risk management in order to thrive, and we can help with that. Our specialist team can help with assurance on the quality of your risk management processes, and also help design and implement the solutions which make it even better. And if you are the victim of fraud, or an attempt at one, we can investigate and advise on control improvements for the future.

These are the people you’ll be dealing with in actual real life

Meet the team

"It’s really great to work with auditor's who makes us stop and think, but comes across as genuinely interested in helping us with continuous improvement." Shepherd's Bush Housing Group

"We changed auditor to Beever and Struthers over four years ago and have not looked back. " Brookhouse Group

"The audit team work well with our business, adapting and changing their approach to the way that we operate." Brookhouse Group