Things we do Donuts. Coffee. Gardening. Cleaning. Taxi driving. Painting. Marketing. Scaffolding. We don’t do those but do lots of things to do with finance.

What does it take to be better? Not just a little better, but Award-Winning better?

It takes trust. Because before you can claim to be better, you have to be able to prove it. As one of the most trusted and respected independent firms in the accountancy sector, we’ve spent the past 100 years or so doing just that.

It also takes specialised knowledge and rare kind of team spirit. With people not just pulling together, but thinking together. Utilising each other’s strengths to the benefit of each and every client. Applying willpower and commitment to search for the right solution, when all the other desk lamps have been switched off.

But most of all, it takes talent.

The talent present in every single one of our employees. Talents we nurture and develop by providing industry leading training and support. At Beever and Struthers, those talents are the reason why we’re better at building businesses, and business relationships. They’re also the reason why we’re a dynamic and growing force in the business and accountancy sector, and why, for an increasing number of businesses, whether large, small, local, national or international, we are now regarded as an inspiring and indispensable business partner.

Because no matter how high our ambitions are, we’re even more ambitious for our clients.

That’s what being better is.
That’s what being better does.
And that’s why

We’re more than an accountancy firm.