International Tax

Don't sweat it

Tax is a scary word when dealing just with HM Revenue & Customs in the UK. Once you are involved in international transactions it just seems to get scarier still!

This is where we, together with our friends at HLB International can help avoid any nasty surprises.

Yes, this can get complicated, understanding where the business is based, ensuring the profits are held in the right place, and can be extracted when you want them. Terms such as transfer-pricing reviews are bandied about to cause more stress and worry. Sales taxes add another layer of complication, especially if you are selling through an on-line platform.

Our team don’t pretend to know all the detail in evry jurisdiction you may want to work with. But we know someone who does in all those jurisdictions. So speak to us, with our friends at HLB International we can help you avoid those potholes and enjoy your business overseas.

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