Experienced hires

Hey you - why are you still working there?

We see you. And we know you haven’t been happy for a while. What’s up? Is it boredom – the fact that everything seems to be moving at a snail’s pace? That would drive us mad too! Maybe you just feel like there’s nowhere else to go in your firm; it’s easy to fall out of love with a place when that happens. Or are you just crying out for a change? Don’t worry, it’s not a crime; that’s actually quite normal and healthy.

Whatever the reason, if you’re not jumping for joy on a Monday morning, it might be time for a change. Life’s too short.

Some words from people that work here

"I feel proud to be part of team beevers and to work in such an iconic Manchester office. It is a vibrant space which I am pleased to share with my colleagues and the open plan style is great for team collaboration. " Marketing and Social Media Assistant

You might believe that all accountancy firms are the same. But we’re here to tell you that’s just not true. Yes, we’re professional. Yes, we have some highly experienced talent in the building. But that’s where the similarities end. Our firm exists in an exciting environment. It’s a place where everyone has the freedom to keep learning, keep growing and to have fun. It’s a deliberate twist on the traditional corporate experience.

If you’re not feeling appreciated, or satisfied where you are, let’s have a chat. You can get to know us; we can get to know you. And who knows? What have you got to lose?