Early careers

This is where the fun begins

If you’re a graduate or newly qualified finance professional, you’re probably looking around right now wondering why all the firms you’ve checked out are just a bit – how can we say this nicely? Grey. Boring. Uninspiring. Stuck-in-their-ways. Looking a bit like a rack of clones in a Star Wars film. They are, how can we put it, “a type”.

You want to work somewhere with a bit of spirit. In an office where there’s a vibe, a buzz and at least a glimmer of excitement. You want to meet people that mentor and inspire you and maybe, just maybe, not have to wait 20 years for someone senior to notice your talent and help you progress.

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Some words from people that work here

"It's a great place to balance work and progress your professional career. The team is full of knowledgeable managers and seniors who are more than happy to help. " Audit Trainee

"This is the first time that I've actually felt like I want to work somewhere." Student, University of Manchester

Well, it’s your lucky day. You’ve just stumbled upon Beever and Struthers. A rare breed in the accountancy world. We have offices in Manchester, Birmingham, and London, and they’re all brimming with interesting, ambitious and brilliant people who won’t settle for a boring existence. No. They’re all pushing to make this industry an exciting place to work – and to give our clients a service that’s clearly designed for today and not something out of the dark ages.

Sound good? We’re not finished yet. Join our merry band of talented accountancy professionals and you’ll be bowled over by the training and mentoring on offer. It’s something we’re really hot on. Which means it probably won’t be long before you’re celebrating your next step up the ladder. Life’s all about making the right choices – if you’re smart, you’ll choose us.