Risk, Assurance and Advisory

What is it?

So, we know that our team name is a bit fancy.  But what we do is straightforward.

We can help you work out what things could go wrong in the day to day running of your business, and cost you time, money, or reputation (the ‘Risk’ bit).

If you already know what could go wrong and have put processes in place to make sure those things don’t happen, our work will tell you how good those processes are. We will also tell you if they are being followed day in, day out, or if things have maybe slipped a little from what you expect (the ‘Assurance’ bit).

Where we find that things aren’t quite as you expect, or maybe you are missing a trick, we’ll share suggestions and insight from what others are doing, to help your business be strong, resilient, and successful (the Advisory bit).

Our clients see us as a critical friend.

A few projects that you might find interesting

These are the people you’ll be dealing with in actual real life

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