Beneficial and supportive

Many of our team are involved in charities and schools as trustees, governors, and volunteers. As a firm we connect and contribute to society in a variety of ways which broadly fall into three areas: Environmental, Social and Sustainable.

Achieving Better

To help our clients achieve more we strive to exceed expectations, and believe we can maintain high standards, believing that better is always achievable. We help our teams achieve more through a nurturing training experience, which is beneficial and supportive to their roles and needs. You might not expect us to be so committed to this stuff…. But we are!


As a firm we embrace giving back (Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and recognise it as an integral part of our firm. For us, it means supporting our communities, protecting the environment by promoting environmentally and sustainable practices. Here you can view a copy of our Environmental Policy.


Our Beevers Fundraising group (BFG), have raised more than £17,000 over the last two years for charities and community organisations across the UK through donations and sponsorships. Our nominated charity of choice is Forever Manchester, they raise money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. We share the belief that connected communities make stronger and happier ones!

Each of our offices has a programme of activity throughout the year.