We are a business, just like our clients.

We want to be the best we can be; for our clients and for our people.

To be the best we need to continually review what we do and how we do it, whether this be preparing a tax return, advising on a payroll solution or planning our audit approach.

Yes, digital transformation can even apply to the statutory audit, a process as old as the hills.

Our first step was to recognise we don’t have all the answers.  Which is why we started talking to our peers at Alliance Manchester Business School and Aston University Business School .  Our conversations led to the exciting announcement of our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project.

Working with our academic team, led by Zaaid Ahmed we are looking to transform the audit process.

Will this boost efficiency?  Yes, we hope so.  Not to cut our costs, but so we can deliver more for our clients.

But we aim to do more than this.  We are looking to empower our audit teams, fostering a culture where we learn everyday, collaborate with ourselves, our peers and our clients, and unlock the potential of all our people.

There is more!  We know we can provide huge value to our clients by looking at their data in a different way.

Watch this space for news as we navigate this journey to excellence.  If you want to know more now reach out to Richard WilliamsMichael TourvilleZaaid Ahmed or John Toon.

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