Our culture

Culture. Don’t groan. Yes, we know it’s the new, trendy thing. Yes, we know that it can often be whittled down to a LinkedIn picture of a team on a walking retreat. Yes, we know for some people it’s having bean bags in the office. There are a lot of cliches. You’re right to raise an eyebrow. But that isn’t us.

Culture for us is about a shared idea. We call it, ‘achieving better’. Achieving better is a single, united principle of collective and individual self-improvement that runs through everything we do at Beever and Struthers. It informs our values. It shapes the way we behave. It is who we are.

Achieving better means having a culture that is constantly seeking to identify new opportunities; and when they’re spotted, having the bravery to seize on them and act.

It means having a culture built on personal and business-wide goals. Targets we strive toward. It means having a culture that nurtures talent; cultivating ability with industry-leading training; but also, with care and empathy. It means having a culture that always finds ways we can add more value to clients and give back to the communities around us. That’s what better means to us. That’s what culture means to us. How does that sound to you?