David Snape


I’m Dave and I work in the SME team which provides accountancy services to a wide range of clients across different industries. I also manage our bookkeeping team providing services to those clients in their earliest stages of development. I’m here to help with statutory requirements for annual compliance and VAT submissions as well as internal needs such as periodic management reporting or bookkeeping advice and assistance.

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The nitty-gritty
Association of Accounting Technician (AAT) NVQ

My story
I joined the firm over 15 years ago and during this time, I have covered many areas from the audit of large corporations to helping set start-ups on the right course. Using pen, paper, and an add-list to where we are today using sophisticated software on mobile devices to provide real-time information to assist the decision-making process.

My main interest is helping with the adoption of digital bookkeeping services. Connecting applications that improve efficiencies and create more time for our clients to concentrate on what should be their focus, growing their business.

I do this too….
I am a father to two teenagers a dog and two hamsters. Most of my time is spent cheerleading at swim meets and football matches, providing a taxi service whenever to wherever at a moment’s notice and desperately trying to recall Shakespeare quotes and algebraic equations that I’ve not had to use for the last several decades.

My peace comes from walks with my dog, reading books, from classics to pulp fiction. I’m also one for enjoying a good boxset.