Geraldine Finn

Marketing and Business Development Director

I’m Geraldine and look after all things marketing and business development related. From branding to business relationships, I try to cover all bases. My team and I make sure that #teambeevers are represented in the best way and in all the right places.

With over 20 years of experience, I enjoy working with like-minded individuals who are keen to engage, grow and ensure their business is a sustainable one. I love the work I do with clients around social value and community projects, and not forgetting the time I spend with students in my role as Enterprise Advisor at a secondary school in Lancashire.

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The nitty-gritty
BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Business Studies
Brand Ambassador
Social Value Lead
Enterprise Advisor

My story
I joined the firm many, many, years ago, and now head up our Marketing Department after spending years trying to find my perfect role, one where I am happy and thrive. My path took me to book-keeping, being a personal assistant, and the office manager. I’ve pretty much always worked here in some guise and done most jobs!

In recent years, I was delighted to be asked to join the Operations Board, a role which fulfils my drive and ambition for this firm, to strive to be better, and to ensure we never forget our roots.

I do this too…
First off, I am a personal chauffeur, sports co-ordinator, and mind reader of three children, a husband and dog!

And when I have time, from running in the Sahara, to climbing mountains in Scotland, England and Wales I like to be outdoors and more importantly remain fit and have a well-balanced mindset. People think it’s the physical aspect of training I enjoy, I don’t! That is just a side-benefit. I enjoy time to think things through and prove that our mind is more powerful than our bodies!

I also like to give back to my community and volunteer from assisting at local foodbanks, to helping young people find their happy place.

Geraldine's done some things

"It’s wonderful to hear about your policies and plans but most importantly, the actions you are taking. It’s clear you’re all passionate about making the world a better place through your business." JustOne