Kieran Guffick


I’m Kieran, I am a manager and work almost exclusively with not-for-profit organisations. I manage audits, service charge examinations and specials. I am excited by the prospect of our increased utilisation in digital and technological products for automation and analytics.

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The nitty-gritty
Association of Chartered Accountants (ACA)
BSc (Hons) Economics & Industrial Organisation

My story
I joined the firm originally as a summer placement and they managed to convince me to join full time when I graduated in 2017. I manage audits, service charge examinations and specials.

I’m also a bit of a tech geek, I have been working with the team to utilise new tools that have been brought in. Furthermore, we have been exploring how Python can aid our processes and deliver an even higher quality service to our clients.

I really enjoy working with the team and I am often trying to organise social gatherings or trips to the pub to foster an enjoyable work environment.

I do this too…
I have always loved sports and staying active. I tend to be highly competitive even if no one else is trying…

I have formerly been part of Team GB for Taekwondo competing internationally at Opens. Football was my first love, supporting Watford FC has taught me many lessons in life. Now, I compete in Hyrox events and other fitness events. I’m looking to complete an ultra-marathon in the near future.

I love to travel, whether it’s wandering through souks and the desert in the Middle East, surfing in Morocco or unwinding on a beach anywhere hot. Exploring other cultures, cuisines and meeting new people is my favourite way to travel.