Maya Robertson


I’m Maya and my role as a manager in our external audit department is all about supporting our audit teams to deliver an impactful and positive client service.

I have a range of expertise in different industries with nearly 10 years’ experience working on pension scheme audits, and several years’ experience working with clients in the not-for-profit sector after I made the move to the firm in 2020 specifically to work with clients that are more aligned to my personal values of making a positive and authentic impact.

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The nitty-gritty
Association of Chartered Accountants (ACA)

My story
After taking the plunge to join a Big Four 4 firm on an ACA apprenticeship at the young age of 18 I quickly realised how much I loved getting my teeth into a technical accounting problem, and that not everyone shared this love (still don’t understand this!) Shortly after qualifying, I knew I wanted to move to a firm that wanted to make a difference to their clients, so I moved to Beever and Struthers and haven’t looked back!

Alongside my external audit work, I am passionate about strengthening the technical knowledge of our department and improving audit quality which looks like supporting the wider audit team through regulatory updates and changes and providing technical training to our audit graduates.

Through working in the not-for-profit sector, I have also got involved as a board member of Women in Social Housing North West (WISH NW) which is a role I thoroughly enjoy and it embeds my knowledge and awareness of the sector.

I do this too…
You’ll find me having adventures with my partner, our young son and dachshund at every opportunity and then finishing off a good book once they have all fallen asleep!

Maya's done some things

"You were extremely impressive, I was very proud to be presenting alongside you. The hard work and preparation really showed. Well done." Harmonize Academy