Steve Danby

Senior Manager

I’m Steve and I concentrate on technical financial reporting advice in addition to being involved with a portfolio of audit clients, specifically in the social housing sector in England and Wales. I like to think I can help bring a bit more clarity to best practice in financial statements and decipher some of the many technical requirements into an understandable form. In practice, things are often not quite as simple as the theory suggests so I try to help with the appropriate interpretations, getting behind the intention of the requirements.

I am happy to help with training and presenting, sometimes bringing my varied musical and pop-cultural tastes into examples interpreting the gobble-de-gook into an understandable form for everyone, not just the experts. I believe it should be just that; it shouldn’t be some sort of cult club with bizarre terminology to confuse everyone.

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The nitty-gritty
Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA)
BSc (Hons) Chemistry

My story
I joined the team in 2021. In the past I’ve worked with owner managed businesses and multinational companies, so I understand the wider world of accounting and auditing, but I have concentrated on social housing groups and associations for many years. I also get involved with the National Housing Federation SORP working party and have presented at many conferences and seminars over the years. People tend to remember my talks and hopefully for the technical issues I have brought to life as well as the musical references I have often used to achieve that.

I do this too…
I love to travel and eat out, especially if it involves seafood (I’m a great Rick Stein fan). I used to play a lot of sport, mainly football and cricket (despite being able to turn the ball both ways my achievements were very modest). Now tend to watch it, but I play golf occasionally and very poorly and I am Treasurer of a golf society. I find gardening surprisingly interesting and may extend my repertoire from shrubs to fruit and vegetables. I have the most bizarre range of musical tastes of anyone I know (how can anyone wrestle with the dilemma of which is their favourite artist(s) – Simon & Garfunkel or the Undertones or Gareth Emery?). I find science fascinating and trivia even more so and, like music, I love a strange selection of TV programmes (how can anyone like The Wire, Band of Brothers, Unforgotten and at the same time enjoy Below Deck?) and films (favourites being Manhunter, Heat and Aliens) – I wonder what that says about me? Perhaps my favourite comedians (Milton Jones and Al Murray) are the answer?! Just to compound my fascination with trying to demystify all financial things that are complicated, I am a Trustee of a Defined Benefit Pension Scheme.