Social Housing – Exploring Corporate Frauds

Housing associations and council landlords are perfect targets for fraudsters in these financially straitened times.

Our expert social housing partners Lee Cartwright and Michael Tourville recently spoke to Social Housing magazine for the latest insight exploring corporate frauds and scams.  “When it comes to detecting specific frauds, it is very often someone seeing something that doesn’t smell right; they dig further, call us in, and then find out what actually happened” Lee explains.

Corporate frauds of up to six figures can also go under the radar without being picked up or reported by external auditors either. Michael says:

“Some of the major frauds we’ve seen are around the £100,000 mark."

Fraud isn’t anything new to the social housing sector however, it is something we need to be talking about with our clients and contacts as fraudulent activity rises, to ensure it is detected and tackled.

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