Unlocking the power of collaboration: Aston University and Beever and Struthers join forces to embrace digital innovation in auditing.

The partnership between Aston University and Beever and Struthers highlights the benefit of knowledge-sharing as firms increasingly move to adopt more digital tools in audit.

Now is a critical time for accountancy firms, as they move towards a digital transformation of the audit process, and the collaboration between Aston University and accounting firm Beever and Struthers aims to drive this process forward.

John Toon, Technology Strategy Lead, Beever and Struthers, says: “The opportunity to bring in research and change management expertise, often lacking in traditional firms, is an opportunity worth investing in to help facilitate change unencumbered by the typical client service demands.”

"Universities up and down the UK are looking for commercial partners to work with to improve both education and business outcomes"

“The costs and risks of entering into a KTP are relatively low.”

The Beever and Struthers Digital Transformation team aim to empower their audit teams, fostering a culture where people learn everyday, collaborate with each other, our peers and clients, and unlock the potential of all their people.

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