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  1. Navigating the Expanding Horizons: UK Company Size Thresholds on the Rise

    Why does this matter? Because for businesses in the UK company size thresholds drive compliance requirements, financial reporting obligations and eligibility for various schemes and incentives. As with everything it would seem, these thresholds have become increasingly complicated and so hard to navigate. In this blog we will explain what you need to know, but first why you should want to know.

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  2. Pareto: The gift of giving

    Distributing assets or cash strategically can reduce your estate’s Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability. Utilising gift allowances and exemptions, such as the annual exemption and wedding gifts, helps minimise your taxable estate. Proper planning ensures more wealth is passed to your beneficiaries rather than being taxed.

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  3. Pareto: What will your legacy look like?

    Effective Inheritance Tax planning is a careful balancing act, essential for ensuring financial comfort in life and tax-efficient wealth transfer after death. With rising property values and unchanged tax thresholds, many families face significant IHT liabilities. Strategic planning, including prudent gifting and understanding tax implications, can help navigate these complexities and safeguard your estate.

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